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Alphasource® can provide a wide range of products and solutions for finding and retrieving foreign objects.    Please contact us for our expert recommendation for your specific application.  We can supply borescopes, cameras, camera systems, retrieval tools as well as custom engineered systems. Below you will find a few examples.

Part Number: F-154799
JAWS 2.0 is a rugged, motorized retrieval tool with integral HDTV camera and LED Lighting. It is...
Part Number: FL-BKT-100HLC-5G
The Python Safe Bucket for transporting a 5 gallon plastic bucket at height. Load Rating 100 lbs (...
Part Number: FME-STN-301YA-BYD
Finish: Yelow Belt Length: 10' Belt Color: Black/Yellow Type: Indoor Base Style: Sloped
Part Number: F-153299
The Remote Grabber Tool (RGT) is a rugged, motorized retrieval tool with exceptional durability to...
Part Number: FME-LAN4IN1
Adjustable Non-Conductive Hard Hat Lanyard. Easily attaches and removes from Hard Hats. Holds...
Part Number: # 24/20
Bright white 100% cotton, absorbent fibers. 24 threads x 20 threads/sq. inch. 36" wide (folded to...
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