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Part Number: F-AFHC-15PSI
Airline with Gauge, 6’ Air Hose Line
Part Number: F-BGA-15PSI
Bladder Gauge 15 PSI
Part Number: F-B-GA-30PSI
Bladder Gauge 30 PSI
Part Number: F-A-AFHC
Extra Airline
Part Number: F-B-GKRSP-15PSI
Gauge Kit with Regulator
Part Number: F-IPHSCVR-LG
Daimeter: 0.5 in Length: 6 ft.
Part Number: F-IPHAT-MED
High Temp cover for Medium inflatable covers.  Attaches to F-IPHSCVR-REG Size: 10in-16in  
Part Number: F-IPHAT-LG
High Temp cover for Large inflatable covers.  Attaches to F-IPHSCVR-LG Size: 18in-22in  


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