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    Overshoes & Overboots

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Our new 2009 Industrial & Maintenance Supply Catalog.

Alphasource® - Your First Source for Industrial and Maintenance Supplies.

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1Polyethylene Boot - economical, 3 mil plastic boot.

2Over-the-Shoe Rubber Boot- 100% waterproof 4" Kansas boots constructed of service weight ozone-resistant rubber.

3.  "Hazmat" Boot Cover -12" high visibility yellow boot covers made of .70 mm latex rubber.

4.  Rubber Overshoe and Overboots - 4" boots, and 10" or 16" overboots

5.  Viking PVC Overboot/Galosh - 4" galosh or 10" overboot provides excellent protection with its sturdy Flex-o-Thane® construction.

6Slicker- Cold weather flexibility with high chemical resistance.

Note:  All Bata & listed are


1Polyethylene Boot by Bata

Economical, 3 mil plastic boot.
Resists chemicals in environments such as clean rooms, food processing plants and poultry plants.
Boots can be worn on either foot.
Packaged in 50 boots per bag.
Model Product Code Weight
552700 HLINDP-B3-XL-S 2 lbs.


2Over-the-Shoe Rubber Boot- by LaCrosse Rainfair Safety Products

100% waterproof 4" Kansas boots are constructed of service weight ozone-resistant rubber.

11"Butte and 14" St . Paul are heavy duty.
All are net lined with fully opening gussets for easy on and off.
Constructed to fit over logger boots and heavy-soled, high-vamp work shoes.
Features the Red Chevron® outsole and heel to provide excellent traction.
Available in Men's sizes: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or 13.
Model Product Code Description Weight
57001 RFR7001 4" Kansas, 2-buckle 3 lbs.
37001 RFR37001 11" Butte, 4-buckle 3.3 lbs.
37201 RFR37201 14" St. Paul, 5-buckle 3.6 lbs.


3.  "Hazmat" Boot Cover

12" high visibility yellow boot covers made of .70 mm latex rubber.
Seamless and waterproof for protection from a broad range of both hazardous and non-hazardous material.
Features:  ribbed and textured soles for improved traction.
Economical enough to be disposed of after a single use, yet durable enough to be reused.  
50 pair per case.
Available in size L (Men's 10-11) or XL (Men's 12-13.) 
Model Product Code Weight
GR9002 BAS97591 .7 lbs.

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