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We are the leader in designing and deploying RFID/Barcode systems specifically for the power generation industry. Duke, Exelon, First Energy and PPL are just some of the power generation customers using our RFID Toolsaver ® Solutions to track valuable assets, reduce costs, increase efficiencies and deter replacement tooling costs. We currently have Turnkey FME Zone, Tool Crib, Warehouse, IT, Lifting & Rigging, Measuring and Testing Equipment, and Warehouse Systems in operation, helping our nuclear power customers support the “Nuclear Promise”. Call for a free RFID consultation today to learn how Alphasource ® Inc. can increase productivity while saving you time, money and effort. 

For more information on the applications and benifits of Radio Frequency Identification & Bar Code technology, please visit our exclusive RFID website or view the RFID Catalog.

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