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Part Number: # PLL1700
Weight :4.8 oz./yd². Trap Tear Warp²: 120 lb. Grab Tensile Fill³:265 lb. Grab Tensile Fill:140 lb.
Part Number: # GSPL2400
Weight :4.8 oz./yd². Trap Tear Warp²: 115 lb. Grab Tensile Warp³:360 lb. Grab Tensile Fill:190 lb.
Part Number: #PS3600
Stock Sizes-5’8” x 50’,7’8” x 50’. Weight¹-5 oz./yd². Material-100% Polyethylene. Tensile Strength...
Part Number: # BPS 7000
30'x20' construction, plain weave with woven selvedge edge. Weight¹:5.9 oz./yd². Trap Tear Warp²:...
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